November 10, 2006

For over a year I’ve been battling the idea of writing a “Palore” blog. I’m a busy guy – running a company, launching a new web service and raising money fills up my day quite nicely… And while I get most of my reading from blogs, I maintained that I was exempt from this duty/pleasure. There are enough smart people covering other stuff on the web, and if I’ve got a good idea for Palore, I just work with my team to execute it.

So when my buddies (Net Jacobsson, Morten Lund, Uri Baruchin, to name a few…) urged me to start blogging, I just kept putting it off. Then a couple of days ago I participated at a session on “The Impact of Social Computing on Media and Marketing” with Robert Scoble and David Sifry. At a certain point the discussion started revolving around whether CEO’s ought to write a blog or not. Kay Luo, who’s Director of Corporate Communications at LinkedIn said how she thinks CEO’s (referring specifically to Reid Hoffman) should focus on managing their companies instead of spend time writing a blog. I was very sympathetic with her arguments, but then both David and Robert started making some very compelling counter arguments. I won’t try to repeat everything they said, but at the end I was converted. And so another blog has come into the world…

The Palore blog will be an informal blog about what’s going on at the company and what we’re planning to do with the service. I hope to create a real dialog with our users and get some honest feedback from those of you who are using Palore.

Now, just a short disclaimer – although I’ve been in this industry a while and built my first website back in 95,  I’m fairly new at this blogging business. So, if you’ve got a comment, idea or constructive criticism, please let me know.


4 Responses to “Converted”

  1. Robert Scoble Says:


  2. Morten Lund Says:

    Congrats dude. Post a lot – and not to long 😉

  3. Jinal Shah Says:

    Welcome to the blog-world!

  4. Net Says:

    Hey Welcome! You finally made it!

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