Palore Trends Coming Up

April 21, 2008

In the last few months we kept busy acquiring content from hundreds of sources. We crawled, aggregated, normalized, cleaned and… sold our data feeds in various verticals. Nothing out of the ordinary here. But then something interesting happened. While we typically sell our aggregated content feed as a single dataset without breaking it up into its separate sources (our clients like getting a single, unified and normalized feed), about a month ago we were asked to leave the content in its raw format. We shrugged our shoulders and did what the client asked for.

The following week we got an excited call from the customer who said “Guys, did you know that Site X has double the listings of Site Y in the East Coast but very poor data in Southern California?” Our initial response was “Yes, but who cares?” Well, apparently a lot of people do. That got us thinking about sharing this data with the world. Here’s the gist of it:

Palore crawls data from hundreds of local sites and that gives us a good outlook of what content is out there. Just like Comscore or Compete have comparative data about unique users per site, we have comparative data about the depth and width of each site’s content. We also have a good view of the aggregated data that’s out there in ALL of the local sites. For example, we can tell how many auto dealerships are listed on the top 10 auto sites in each state, or which local site has the most information about Sushi restaurants.

In the coming weeks we will share this information. If you’re interested in any specific type of comparative information, let us know!

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