Analysis of Online Advertising among Small Businesses (SMB’s)

May 29, 2008

Many small local businesses (SMB’s) advertise online – on Internet Yellow Pages sites (IYP’s), local search sites (e.g. CitySearch,, etc.) and online publications (daily newspapers, city guides, etc).

We’ve recently started analyzing the data we aggregate from several advertising channels and there is an abundance of interesting information out there.
With the tools we’re developing, we can produce detailed reports on advertising activities of SMB’s online. A good example of such a report would be a list of plumbers who advertise online in California.

At the request of several of our customers, we have begun to turn our attention to Internet Yellow Pages sites. In general, IYP’s offer businesses 2 types of listings: free listings that usually contain only the basics like name, address and phone number and paid listings with more details and better placement.

Here are a couple of examples of the initial data we can expect. We took a look at attorneys listed on IYP’s – the charts show the percentage of paid listings out of all listings (free + paid) in a number of categories.

This initial analysis of our sample data shows that the number of attorneys who purchase online advertising packages on IYP’s varies as we look at different types of legal practices. In LA, for instance, out of attorneys listed and categorized on IYPS’s, there is a higher percentage of advertisers among accident & personal injury attorneys than among criminal law attorneys.

In NYC, the highest percentage of attorneys listed on IYP’s who purchased advertising packages was among bankruptcy attorneys.

We can, as shown in the samples above, perform analyses on several local markets and provide nationwide analyses on various categories of small businesses.

We’re very excited about where these new analyses can take us and we’d love to hear what interests you. Contact us here to suggest analyses or order a custom analytics project.


2 Responses to “Analysis of Online Advertising among Small Businesses (SMB’s)”

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